Daniela Wolff

B.Comm. Dip.Trans. MIL

German to English translation

Types of documents translated to date include:


·  General Business Conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen)

· Annual reports

· Rental contracts

· Insurance policies

· Planning consents/applications

· Loan agreements

· Tender notices for public works

· Supply contracts

· Business letters

· Notices to creditors regarding company liquidations

· Certificates of good conduct (Führungszeugnis)

· Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificates

· Travel brochures

· Assembly instructions for building projects

· Minutes of board meetings

· Company registration documentation

· Employment contracts

· Newspaper and magazine articles on various topics

· Marketing survey questionnaires and responses


All translations are carried out with speed, accuracy and a high level of quality.
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Examples of documents translated

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